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JavaScript Basic Concepts You Need To Know As a JavaScript Developer
August 9, 2018
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If you are a JavaScript developer, you must know the basic concepts of JavaScript and JavaScript related web frameworks for web development. So this article is for clarity of basic understanding of JavaScript for development as well as interview point of view.

JavaScript is a rich and expressive language in its own right. The use of JavaScript in web application and mobile app development is increasing day by day. This article covers the list of basic concepts of JavaScript. While it will be of value to people with no programming experience, even people who have used other programming languages may benefit from learning about the basic fundamentals of JavaScript

Here are the concepts that are needed for any JavaScript developer. I assume that you have few basic knowledge of programming like loops, functions, variables, operators etc.


  1. JavaScript Objects
  2. OOPS in JavaScript
  3. DOM(Document Object Model) and BOM(Browser Object Model)
  4. ECMASCRIPT 3 and its latest versions.
  5. Handling errors and debugging code in JavaScript
  6. Design patterns in JavaScript
  7. JavaScript call(), apply() & bind() method.
  8. Understanding of Closures
  9. Value vs. Reference
  10. Understanding of Variable Scope
  11. Understanding of Hoisting
  12. this keyword
  13. new  keyword
  14. Prototype and Inheritance
  15. Asynchronous and synchronous in js
  16. JavaScript callback functions
  17. Custom events with pubsub
  18.  Namespaces in JavaScript

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  • Ankur Shakya says:

    Very well written article of java script. I want be good in java script, can you please guide. it will be very helpful for me.

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