How to create round range slider with jquery

sample appliction image

Today we will create a demo for round range slider with jquery plugin. With round slider, It will also support quarter, half and pie circle shapes. It is very good way for showing some value in pictorial form.


Let's proceed step by step to complete the task:

1.  Add all the required libraries:

<link href="roundslider.min.css" rel="stylesheet" />
<script src=""></script>
<script src="roundslider.min.js"></script>

Now we have divs for showing three different round range slider, each with unique id:

<div id="roundslider1" class="roundslider"></div>
<div id="roundslider2" class="roundslider"></div>
<div id="roundslider3" class="roundslider"></div>

At the end we have jquery code to create the slider as per the value passed from here.


    sliderType: "default",
    value: 50

    sliderType: "min-range",
    value: 50

    sliderType: "range",
    value: "20,50"


Finally our task done for creating the demo for round slider with query plugin.


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You can download complete code from here. Download Code